Coolpad VR 1x headset available exclusively via Amazon India, priced at Rs 999

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Coolpad, today launched virtual reality headset in India exclusively via Amazon with a price tag of Rs 999. The gadget is dubbed as Coolpad VR 1x is capable enough to work with any smartphones but display should be between 4.7 to 5.7-inches and should be installed with a gyroscope. Apparently, the gadget shows great performance with Note 3, Note 3 Lite, Note 3 Plus, and Max.

Featured with customizable lenses, it allows the user to adjust the focal length making the user comfortable for long durations.

Sayed Tajuddin, CEO, Coolpad India, acclaimed the launch of VR headset and said the gadget is particularly made for youth. Further, he adjoined that the launch was a strategy of the company to make an entry into the Indian technology market. By 2016, Coolpad may hit the town with other accessories such as Power Bank and Smart Watch.

Reports suggested that till 2020, global VR market is expected to touch $120 billion and apparently India is now a smartphone hub, may help Coolpad to set up a great VR market in the country. Alike the massive response for smartphones, the company is pretty sure about the VR headset.

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