Consuming purple potato daily can prevent cancer, reveals Indian-origin researcher

Indian-origin researcher has revealed that consuming purple potato daily can prevent cancer risk. According to the study, purple potato contains some special compounds that help in killing colon cancer stem cells and also restricts cancer cells from further splitting and spreading.

“You might want to compare cancer stem cells to roots of the weeds,” said Jairam Vanamala, an alumnus of Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi. “You may cut the weed, but as long as the roots are still there, the weeds will keep growing back and, likewise, if the cancer stem cells are still present, the cancer can still grow and spread,” he noted.

For the study, researchers baked the purple potato to ensure that anti-cancer properties persist after cooking. After baking the potato, researchers took the potato extract and experimented it with colon cancer stem cells. They noted that purple potato not only restricted the growth cancer cells but also killed them.

After experimenting in laboratory, researchers tested its effect on mice with colon cancer. This time also, results weren’t any different and purple potato killed cancer cells. Mice were fed with whole baked potato. However, researchers believe that humans need to consume one large purple potato in a day to fight with cancer cells. Instead of eating one large purple potato at one go, humans can eat a medium sized potato twice a day.

While explaining researchers said that there are several compounds including anthocyanins and chlorogenic acid, and resistant starch that work in multiple ways to fight with colon cancer stem cells. The resistant starch that gives potatoes the purple color might be effective in restraining growth of cancer cells.

According to previous studies, cancer is the second biggest killer after heart disease in India and nearly 1300 people dies of cancer every hour in India itself. Nearly 7 lakh people died with cancer last year in India.The study has given new insight in fighting against cancer. It has shown a simple yet cheap way that can prove to be primary as well as secondary prevention strategy against cancer.

The study was published  online in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry.

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  • Hemant

    From where does this word LARGE arrives? journal article just suggests purple potatoe has a compound that is capable of killing stem cells of cancer. Your word large is just a killer, any veg on steroid will only promote cancer no matter what it is.

  • Amar Nath Chatterjee

    Something isn’t adding up here: quote. nearly 1300 people dies of cancer every hour in India itself. Nearly 7 lakh people died with cancer last year in India. unquote. 1300 per hour works out to more than 100 lakhs/year, not 7 lakhs!