Conspiracy theorists say that this NASA photo proves that Moon landing was filmed

NASA’s moon landing mission was faked and the complete lunar mission was staged, the conspiracy theorists are claiming now. Recently, a Youtube channel named UFOMania uploaded a video featuring an archived NASA photo where an astronaut is seen collecting samples from the surface of the moon. The name of the astronaut was John W. Young, the commander of the Apollo 16 lunar landing mission and behind him, there were moon rocks.

The description of the photo states that the Lunar Roving Vehicle was parked among “the field of large boulders in the background. But UFOmania is claiming that the huge boulders shown in the lunar image are not simple rocks. Rather these are “habitat building, spaceship, and extra personnel.” This has excited the conspiracy theorists who believe that moon landing was a hoax and humans never landed on the moon.

While the photo describes that the background contains boulders as well as the Lunar Roving Vehicle, the conspiracy theorists doubt the presence of any boulders in that image. They are saying they only see a lunar base at some distance and some additional personnel who were not supposed to be present there. Therefore, the conspiracy theorists are arguing that there are no such big boulders visible in the image and the whole photo was staged. They say the moon landing was filmed, with the videos and images being taken inside a studio. But another set of conspiracy theorists are telling a different story. They are not denying that Humans landed on Moon.

What they are trying to say that the NASA astronauts tried to cover the existence of aliens during their stay on Moon. According to the conspiracy theorists, when the Apollo 16 astronauts discovered the existence of aliens on the moon, NASA tried not to disclose this and hence it edited the images and videos so as to remove the proof of alien existence on Moon. After watching photo, some conspiracy theorists are saying that after the aliens were discovered, NASA might have sent additional crew to the Moon and even set up a lunar habitat there. While many people commented that the photo was real, the conspiracy theorists are telling the photo was faked and moon landing is a hoax.

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