Congress has now taken a new way to target the government through a #tag i.e. #UTurnSarkar and moreover this tag is now trending on twitter. Congress is trying to point out all the so-called “U-Turns” that BJP took in last six months, since it came to power.

The first post came on the wall of current chairman of AICC Communication Department, Ajay Maken’s twitter account.

it started with a catchy phrase “six months have passed, #UTurn Government.”

Then Mahajan further tweeted yesterday about the report of campaigning that the government has “at an average, one #UTurn every week”  

The party accused Modi of not following the promises he made to commoners.

Ajay maken also said that they released a booklet on the U-Turns that Modi took from “may be a Prime Minister” to “is a Prime Minister”

Over a month now, Congress has been accusing NDA over its fall over the issues of rise in food prices, black money and also that of the economy failure.

Congress further accused Modi on the issue of cease fire violation on Indo-Pak border.

Modi tweeted on Aug 11, 2013 “India is going through a troubled situation. China intrude our borders, Pakistan kills our soldiers time & again but Centre doesn’t act!”, Maken reminded. Modi further tweeted on Aug 06, 2013  – “From China’s intrusions to Pakistan’s ambushes- UPA Government has been absolutely lax in securing Indian borders. When will Centre wake up?”

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