Former PM Manmohan Singh, by tagging his successor as ‘adept salesman’ and ‘event manager’ gave Modi a bitter critique. A meeting of Congress Chief Ministers was held and it was the first since Congress lost 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Singh said that many initiatives of UPA are being present with repackage as if they are something new “I agree that my successor is a more adept salesman and event manager than me, but the story of UPA shouldn’t get lost”, added Singh.

The Congress is viewing BJP’s economic recovery claims with a suspicious eye and has expressed doubts ver the better GDP.

Moreover, Congress has accused BJP for cutting budgetary allocations for health and education in addition to diluted legislations for tribal welfare and environment protection

Chief Ministers of Congress ruled states have not accepted the proposed amendments to the Land Acquisition Bill and also rejected the Goods and Service tax bill in its present form. Though the amendments are being unanimously rejected by Congress led states, BJP has claimed that the amendments were necessitated after the demand from states.

The meeting which was convened by Sonia Gandhi was attended by Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, five CMs from North East states and two from Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The members have accused Modi for centralizing the power instead of his vow of cooperative federalism.

The Chief  Ministers of the Congress-ruled states have been asked by Rahul Gandhi to focus themselves on transformational programs and present the Congress states as the best-ruled states.

BJP responded by releasing charts in central grants while Jaitley said that states will get higher share in tax devolution in next five years.  Jaitley also refused to accept Congress’ claims by showing how the Congress ruled states will get higher share in central funds.

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