CongniToys have unveiled a new smart dinosaur at the New York Toy Fair on Monday. Powered with the IBM Watson, which is a dominant cognitive computing system, this little immobile dinosaur is a perfect toy for the kids that are expert with touchscreen and smart devices.

The little dinosaur is an Internet-connected toy with a small push button on the belly to offer a range of smart options. When activated, this little dino talks to your child about several things including favourite color and more. It can ask the kid to spell a word or the counting. In addition, the dinosaur is also capable of learning the child’s intellectual level and then adjusting itself accordingly. The Dino also tells you the joke and communicates quite well.

The toy is based on the natural language processing and uses IBM Watson along with the Elemental’s very own voice recognition software, Friendgine. It converses effectively with the children and also offers the parents with a cloud-based console to track their child progress with this little talking dinosaur.

Since, this little-talking dino collects information on the cloud, parents are worried about their child’s privacy. CogniToys clarifies it by saying that the dino receives the information anonymously, and no individual identity can be identified using that data.

Reports suggest that this is the planned toy for the CongniToys line of cognitive toys. Currently, it is at the Kickstarter to raise nearly $50,000 and to deliver the product to the early birds for about $89. The performance until now isn’t under the bar either, at Kickstarter it has already gained near about $28,000.

The toy is probably the first toy to have such advanced capabilities. However, this also helps it in becoming child’s best buddy. They can interact with it, share jokes and tell almost everything they might not tell anybody else.

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