Cognitive Computing Is Future of India: Ginni Rometty, IBM CEO

Chief Executive Officer at IBM Ginni Rometty

The term, “Cognitive Computing” is being coined as the need of the hour in the whole world today and it’s amazing that the mega tech giant IBM has taken a step forward in proposing this remarkable taste of technology to India.

The Chief Executive Officer at IBM, Ginni Rometty claimed that India is the new path to the cognitive world, in the annual NILF at Mumbai, and clearly marked that it could be achieved by building abilities on natural language processing, machine learning, deep learning, image and vision.

Cognitive Computing or Artificial Intelligence refers to a method in which a device is capable of simulating human thoughts. The device would be capable of self-learning and take any decision or solve any kind of problem without human assistance. The technique of data mining is used for consistent improvement in the automation of the device.

IBM Cognitive Computing in INsurance

It is expected that the IBM’s Artificial Intelligence platform, Watson would influence the life of one billion people across the globe. Watson would also include 200 million pioneers in the field of Health and Education each. She called India the country of developers and predicted that by the end the year 2020. Eventually, the health care platform of Watson would be very useful in countries like India, where there are considerably less number of doctors to the patients.

The CEO of IBM has already met Mr. Narendra Modi thrice for discussion on the scope of Cognitive Computing in the nation, and she was glad that the response was quite positive.

She advised Indians, “This is a moment historic change, and you have to embrace it. Build a future around cognitive. I think no country has a greater role to play than India”. And even asked the people of India to use the technology wisely such that the industries guided technology safely and emphasised the importance of openness and transparency in the field as well.

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