Coach dragging female tennis player out of room, video leaked


A sports coach and a girl tennis player seemed to scuffle outside a hotel room in Andhra Pradesh, as CCTV footage leaked which covered the scandal. The footage created controversies on Tuesday in which one can clearly see the coach dragging a female tennis player out of his room late night.

The footage taped on December 26 recorded a coach and a junior table tennis team from Chhattisgarh, participating in a tournament in Andhra Pradesh. The man was later distinguished as the 19-year old coach of the table tennis team in the widely circulated video. The coach seemed to be dragging a player out of her hotel room, and the girl appeared to be struggling.

When an inquiry was made, the Chhattisgarh State Table Tennis Association did not give any reason but suspended both, coach and players. The association’s president, Sharad Shukla told, “We found out that the player and coach were fighting over a mobile phone, which was seen on the CCTV footage. This is a fight over a telephone and nothing else.”

The matter has made attention to the fact that an inexperienced 19-year old man was employed as a coach for the team that was consisting only girls.

Dhanraj Choudhary, General Secretary of Table Tennis Federation of India, said that they were really disappointed with their decision that they nominated the 19-year old coach for girls’ team. They demanded an independent and neutral investigation from the inquiry committee. He also said that he will take this matter very seriously and will take strict actions against the culprit. He also added that he has seen the clip, and there is nothing vulgar in it. No girl player even registered a complaint about anything. This matter came into eyes of local Association when media involved and showed this footage widely. After that, Local Association have decided to act on the matter.

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