As promised in his 70-point manifesto released before assembly elections, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Friday promised to cut power tariff and launch a free water scheme very soon.

In the statement, Kejriwal said that their government had already made the blueprint for electricity and water. These were the main highlights of his election campaign.

“Our team has rolled out a blueprint for electricity and water. I hope to give the good news to you all very soon to reduce the rates of power and water. We are working on the lines of our governance model that we followed during our 49- day stint,” Kejriwal said

During his 49-day government one year back, Kejriwal offered electricity at reduced price in addition with 20000 litres of free water to every household per month. He wants to follow similar plans this time too. Kejriwal has promised a 50 percent cut in the electricity price, for this he plans to conduct an audit as he believes that companies are charging much higher than the production cost. Thus, an audit might significantly cut the electricity bill.

Along with electricity and water, Kejriwal also promised to provide free Wi-Fi in Delhi. However, the plan will take a year to implement, he said.

After inaugurating the annual Garden Tourism Festival at Saket, he thanked people for their support that led the mammoth victory. Also, he promised to fulfil all the 70 points mentioned in the manifesto.

“A few days back, you all voted for us giving a heavy majority. Congratulations to you all. It’s a big burden. It’s a big responsibility. You all have very high hope. We are working round-the-clock. We are focusing on work and talking less,” Kejriwal said.

Couple of days back Kejriwal launched an anticorruption helpline number opened 24×7 as promised.

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