Cloud-like mysterious object seen from ISS during live feed that was cut off abruptly

Cloud-like mysterious object seen from ISS during live feed that was cut off abruptly

Bingo! UFO conspirators have one more footage to cherish the existence of UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects. The latest video that has been doing the rounds of the internet was taken by NASA’s live feed from the International Space Station (ISS) that shows a bizarre and mysterious cloaked object at a far distance from the ISS. As per the conspirator who uploaded this particular video on his YouTube channel ‘UFOmania’, this is a live video feed from the ISS which was actually cut off abruptly after this bizarre cloud-like object appeared near the Earth.

The feed from a different angle showed that this mysterious object was actually approaching the ISS when the feed was cut off. A UFO conspirator uploaded the clipped video on the YouTube which has received over 14,500 hits as of now. The blurry cloud-like object as seen in the video has left people to speculate about what it could be. This is what was reflected by the people who watched it and then commented their views on YouTube.

A comment reads: “That is out atmosphere being pulled into space because of holes in the Earth’s Ionosphere”. Another user stated a similar video that was uploaded earlier that showed a similar mysterious object floating in the space hurtling towards the Sun. But skeptics weren’t behind in commenting their views on the matter. A user commented that it could possibly be a smudge on the camera screen or it could be a piece of space junk.

UFOmania, the YouTube channel which uploaded this video has tons of videos on UFOs and other topics clocking at over 126 million hits collectively and has over 257K subscribers. This video was released within just a week after a UFO was sighted near the ISS which was reported by TeCake.

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