Cicret Bracelet will convert your skin into smartphone

A man wearing cicret bracelet and operating smartphone through skin

Engineers have made another breakthrough in wearable devices when they used their skin to operate a smartphone. Yes! People will be able to perform gestures on their skin including swipe, tap, pinch to zoom in and zoom out, etc. to operate their smartphone.

Engineers have developed a wearable device called Cicret Bracelet that projects the image of an Android smartphone on skin.  Bracelet is designed to be worn on hand that converts arm into a fully interactive display which can understand gestures made by the user. One can make or receive phone calls, send text messages just by swiping and tapping on their forearm.

Cicret Bracelet has a small inbuilt pico projector to project screen on the skin and has eight long range proximity sensors to understand the gesture. The device is waterproof and has accelerometer to sense motion. With just a twist of the wrist, device gets turned on and converts your skin into smartphone. Like other wearable, cricet bracelet too communicates with smartphone through Bluetooth.

Engineers have given modern look and feel to the bracelet. It is available in 10 different colours including black, red, orange, blue, white.  Currently, the device comes in 16 GB and 32 GB variant.

With so many wearable rolling out these days, Cicret Bracelet has something new to offer and might be a new success story.

The beta version of the free app is available on Google Play.

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