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Adobe Flash Player has turned out to be a pivotal part of the internet world. The role of Adobe Flash player in the adoption of animation, gaming, and video is extremely vital. But apart from all its usefulness and efficiency, it has also been a yank on page analytics and the root of several security vulnerabilities.

Today, while technology like HTML5 has been employing by different sites for better security, less consumption of power and rapid page refreshing time, Google Chrome is gearing up to block all flash contents from next month. As per the fresh announcement by Google, from next month, Chrome will de-emphasize Flash contents for HTML5. Chrome which is previously killing flash contents, moving a step forward will officially de-emphasize the flash from September.

Previously, Chrome 5 only wedged out the Flash contents more than a certain size. But from September, this will apply to even small size flash objects. Moreover, the restrictions are fixed in the same place as there are no ways found for detecting viewability. Under this newly plan, one can unblock the flash objects if they are really essential and if the non-visible flash objects are blocked, an icon in the address bar will notify the users.

According to a study, presently more than 90% of the Flash contents load behind the page on the web while supporting to various security vulnerabilities and things like page analytics. This kind of hidden Flash not only slows down the page but also invites different security exposures, and so Chrome 53 will start blocking such contents from this September.

HTML5 in comparison to Adobe Flash Player is much secured, faster, and lighter, and web users are gradually switching to the platform of HTML5 to experience a faster page loading and less battery consumption. It adds more receptiveness and efficiency to sites which Flash can’t.

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