Medical researchers and the experts have identified a compound which may minimise the risk of the lethal type of rhythm of the heart which can lead to dementia, failure of heart, strokes and early death.

In a research of more than fifty-five thousand  Danish women and men who were under observation for around 16 years, individuals who used this particular compound were found to be approximately 20% less prone to experience any heart condition. Basically, the greater the dose, the lower is the risk.

Which can be considered as the wonder drug? Chocolate. The contents in the chocolate are known to counteract most of these issues. For example, chocolate has flavanols which prevent the type of inflammation which can result in damage to tissue. They may help in counteracting the clots which could result when any irregular heartbeat leads to blood pooling in the heart. The outcomes were published in the Heart Journal. The chocolate eaters were found to have less hypertension, lower blood pressure and less diabetes.

You need to know certain things before you go out to shop for your sweets, more research is required. Chocolate is filled with fat, calories and sugar. However, intake of chocolate with high content in cocoa in moderate amount may be a healthy choice, as concluded by the researchers.

The study also revealed that dark chocolate is a healthier choice than the traditional milk chocolate as dark chocolate conventionally contains more amounts of cocoa solids.

These findings do not necessarily mean that you would keep adding lots of candies in your diet. Candies come with a lot of calories and sugars also. Hence, although this might seem obvious, consuming chocolate in moderation is the key to good health.

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