Chinese scientists say hazardous space debris can be removed by applying powerful Laser

It is not just too much pollution inside Earth, rather the outside area of Earth is also surrounded by millions of potentially hazardous particles. Those harmful particles revolving in Earth’s orbit are called space debris or junk or simply the waste materials of space. To clear these harmful space debris, the Chinese researchers have come up with a unique and audacious solution. They are claiming that using laser technique; they can remove space junk.

According to them, applying giant lasers on old satellites and space junk, can definitely minimize the space debris surrounding Earth’s Orbit. A team of scientists from the Information and Navigation College, Air Force engineering University in Xi’an, China has come up with the idea of sending laser station to space. Once, the laser station is deployed in Space, from there, the powerful laser beams can be applied that would zap the large-sized space junk into smaller particles so that they become less harmful. That means the space-based lasers will act as Laser Guns and destroy the space debris that poses a threat to the satellites and spacecraft that are currently operational is space.

For the research, the Chinese researchers ran a computer simulated model of the potential space-based laser station and wanted to know the viability of their proposed laser station. The study said, “The simulation] provides necessary theoretical basis for the deployment of space-based laser station and the further application of space debris removal by using space-based laser.” First, the scientists prepared orbital momentum models of small-scale space debris and space-based laser station. Then they analyzed the variation of velocity of the space station ablating by the space-based laser station. After that, they studied and modeled the orbit maneuver of the space debris irradiated by the space-based lasers station. The simulation results showed that the space debris removal is affected by inclination and RAAN (right ascension of ascending node) of the space-based laser station.

The computational analysis for a space-based laser to remove space junk proved to be a successful one. The scientists are now hopeful that their proposed method applying powerful laser from the space-based laser station can be a fruitful solution to remove the potentially hazardous space debris. The high-speed space debris orbiting the planet can destroy the operational satellites or spacecraft on impact, and also they pose a huge threat to the future space missions. So, scientists are doing rigorous research to find out potential and effective solutions to remove those of the hazardous space debris surrounding our Earth. The latest paper was titled Impacts of orbital elements of space-based laser station on small-scale space debris removal

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