ChinaSat 2C: New communication satellite successfully launched by China

ChinaSat 2C — a civil communication satellite has been successfully placed in the orbit by China on Wednesday. The satellite was blasted from Xichang Space center in southwest China’s Sichuan province on November 4 at 16:25 GMT (11:25 a.m. EST). The communication satellite will come handy in many applications including TV Transmission, multimedia and radio broadcast.

The ChinaSat 2C was carried by the Long March 3B rocket (China’s launch vehicle) that successfully placed the communication satellite in the orbit. Currently, Long March 3B is the best rocket for the China to put satellites in its orbit. In addition, reports suggest that Chinese space scientists are working on next-gen Long March 5 and 7 which will be launched next year.

According to reports the new communication satellite will be used for several purposes including radio broadcast, TV transmission, broadband multimedia, data transmission services, radio transmitting stations and cable networks.

The satellite was developed by the China Academy of Space Technology which is a subsidiary of China Satellite Communications Corp. This was the 13th launch by China in the year 2015. Previous launches this year includes three earth observatory satellites (Gaofen-8, Gaofen-9, and Yaogan), four global positioning satellites, two commercial remote sensing satellites (Jilin-1 and APSTAR-9), and a communication satellite.

Nothing much about the payload of the ChinaSat-2C was revealed by the Chinese Space Agency which suggests that the satellite could be used to support military applications.

Moreover, China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has said that it will make 20 launches in the year 2015. Of 20, 13 launches have been conducted by the Chinese Space Agency and we can expect 7 more launches by December end. Also, ChinaSat 2C was 216th mission using Long March series rockets developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

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