Nikon brings in a great news for the budding photographer by announcing the launch of all new Nikon D5500 at CES 2015.

There aren’t visible differences in the image quality of Nikon D5500 and its successor D5300, however, the overall design sports some of the new exciting features and design improvements.

On one hand where touchscreen and slimmer, lighter and sturdy body design gives a superior and premium feel, the GPS is removed keeping in mind the price range. The new Nikon D5500 DSLR comes with a standard 18-55mm lens kit and will be your for nearly 63,000 INR. Though the price is slightly above the beginner segment of DLSRs, the Nikon D5500 comes with access to the higher range of the Nikon lens library.

Nikon didn’t broke the legacy and maintained the same design in this DSLR camera. It is very similar to it predecessor D5300 but with a familiar feel with many other updates in the design that makes it fit perfectly in your hands.

It weighs just under 450 gm; 60 gm lighter than the D5300, and slightly smaller in dimensions, measuring 124x97x70mm.

Nikon has worked on redesigning the even more trivial details in this model, for example, the D5500’s handgrip has been worked upon, making it deeper for better and sturdy grip. The lighter and smaller body gives the user a superior handling.

The other design change in the new Nikon D5500 is that it comes with fully articulated 3.2 inch LCD 1,037k dot Touchscreen display making it easier to shoot at extreme angles. Also, there is a rear thumb dial making it quick and easy to change settings in the PASM modes.

Other than the smaller and slimmer size and the touchscreen, D5500 is very much similar to its predecessor D5300 in terms of the image sensor and the processor. It also exhibits the same 24.2-megapixel sensor and the Expeed 4 processor.

The image quality and performance is identical to the D5300, and you can shoot at 5fps. D5500, equipped with APS-C sensor provides better image results in Low light conditions, which is a major upgrade amongst other compact cameras.

Despite the identical hardware configurations, there are some improvements also. The 100-25600 ISO range, which was previously in extended mode, is now standard ISO range. Nikon also claims that the contrast detection used by the autofocus in the live view mode has been improved by 20 percent, like its predecessor, it allows 39 phase detection AF in the viewfinder.

Though the GPS has been cut out, the photos will not be geotagged but it still have Wi-Fi, so you can quickly transfer your memories to your phone or any other compatible Wi-Fi device.


Overall launch of Nikon D5500 comes as good news, with some design tweaks, it makes it more accessible, the ergonomics have been improved and firm camera grip can be a good reason to pick D5500 over other smaller CSC.

Stay tuned for a full and in-depth review.

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