Censor Board acting biased towards films

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In recent events, a list of banned cuss words were leaked and has got the buzz where people are expressing their discontent and disapproval over the same. Pahlaj Nihalani, the censor board chief has been accused of making the list, the accusation that he openly denied saying he hasn’t made the list and is just following the guidelines.

Pahlaj said that he doesn’t like the way entertainers are portraying vulgarity and nudity on television and cinema along with a list of cuss words that have now come to become a trend. This is influencing young minds and taking them in the wrong direction.

Although Pahlaj has also been convicted of making songs like “Akeli hu ghar ma, tu aaja balma”, “main maal gaadi tu dhakka laga”, etc which if anyone knows even a tad bit of Hindi, knows what double meaning standards they portray. They don’t really showcase the so-called “national interest” that he is out there protecting.

In defense, he said that it was a trend then when he made such things and now the time has changed and he has also grown as a person and now wants to better the situation. But even though he is saying that, there are certain films that are getting the green flag even after having the themes or words.

For instance, MSG: The Messenger, Super Nani, Kya Super Cool Hai Hum and many other movies have so much of “wrong influential material” that could last a lifetime and yet they are given a free way. But when a singer uses the word Bombay, it is an act of violation? Why such discrepancy?

Many writers are taking the list as a blockage to their thinking, for if a man is from a village, he is bound to speak in an uncultured tone, how can they show him speaking saint-like tongue, saying nice words? A villain has to be a harsh, cruel and violent person, villains usually don’t hang around in groups having bournvita drinking competition but need to be strong personalities who would do any harm they desire, that’s what that makes them villains and heroes, hero.

Pahlaj needs to know that this is not correct and that they should restrict a writer from imagination by putting such restrictions. They need to ask themselves that biased banning of things won’t make other people stop using cuss words.

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