Capital in grip of Dengue, 158 became victim

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Dengue hits Delhi once again; national capital and its surrounding areas have reportedly witnessed 158 patients suffering from vector-borne disease this year. 141 cases are from Delhi itself including one case of death while the remaining 17 are from Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. Victim Rishi Qaddafi, eight-year-old boy, from South Delhi, died of dengue at the Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

North Delhi had 27 victims; South Delhi had 63 while East Delhi had 29 cases of dengue this year, according to a report. In September itself 87 people became victim of dengue, highest in a month this year. Dengue is on its toll and is spreading exponentially; the national capital has seen an increase of nearly 32 percent in dengue cases in the past week.

Dengue mosquitoes have been found breeding at various locations including Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Hospital and headquarters of North Delhi Municipal Corporation, who is responsible for controlling dengue and penalizing the institutions if found guilty. DDA and DTC depot were penalized for failing to check breeding of dengue mosquitoes on their premises.

Soon after monsoon every year, Delhi witnesses a vast number of dengue cases, 6,200 in 2010, 1,153 in 2009, 1,300 in 2008, 1,131 in 2011 and 2,093 cases in 2012. The decline in dengue victims this year is associated with late monsoon; a report said. Though government and municipal corporation are taking preventive measures like checking of breeding areas and creating awareness among people through campaigns and advertisement, by seeing the past track record, we shouldn’t be surprised if dengue outbursts this month and a large number become its victim. More than one lakh houses have been found positive for mosquito breeding this year itself.

Over 5,500 dengue cases and six deaths were registered in the national capital last year, according to SDMC, which compiles a report for vector-borne diseases in the city.

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