Canon ceases sales for EOS-1 v, its final film camera

According to the latest reports, Canon has officially stated to discontinue its EOS-1 v camera.  The manufacturing of the EOS-1 v film camera was originally stopped back in the year 2010, however, the company was still selling off the leftover stock of the camera model. The company lately posted a note on its official website, stating, “Thank you very much for your continued patronage of Canon products. By the way, we are finally decided to end sales for the film single lens reflex camera ‘EOS – 1v.’”

The EOS-1 v was originally launched in the year 2000 as a professional film camera of Canon. It is basically a thirty-five millimeter SLR that was released as the company’s fifth-gen professional SLR. The design of the body of the EOS-1 v laid a foundation of body design for the future cameras of the company. All the cameras of Canon that were manufactured after the EOS-1 v, encompassing the EOS-1D, had a body design that was inspired from the EOS-1 v. The suffix ‘v’ used by the company symbolized its fifth-generation of professional SLRs. The previous models included- the “Canon F- 1” and the “Canon New F- 1”, the “Canon T90” and also all other previously designed models of the EOS 1. As stated by Canon, the suffix ‘v’ also symbolized the term “vision.”

At the time of its launch, the Canon EOS- 1 v posed to be the quickest “moving-mirror film camera” to have been produced. The camera was released at ten frames per second with “NP-E2 Ni-MH battery pack” and “PB-E2 power drive booster.”

As per the announcement of the company, it would continue to repair and replace parts of the existing EOS-1 v models till 31st October 2025. However, requests for repair might not be accepted after 31st October 2020 due to unavailability of the required parts.

At the present, second-hand models of the EOS-1 v are also available online at a price ranging from 300 dollars to 750 dollars, which would depend highly on the condition of the camera. This price is estimated to hike due to the cease of supply.

Similar 35 mm SLR is still sold by the camera company Nikon, which features the “Nikon FM10” and the “Nikon F6” at 570 dollars and 2,700 dollars respectively.

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