You can eat chicken without any fear of getting infected with Avian Influenza

You can eat chicken without any fear of getting infected with Avian Influenza

Ever since the bird flu has come to light in Bengaluru, the sale of meat shops has fallen drastically. The shop was situated in Dasarahalli where one case of Avian Influenza was found, and all the meat shops in a range of one kilometre have been closed. This incident started on December 29, 2017. Social media served the role of spreading tension in the whole city.

Despite the chaos, Here is good news for all the poultry shops and chicken lovers. The reports from National Institute of High-Security Animal Diseases (NIHSAD), Bhopal; have come negative. Any form of bird blue which can be fatal for humans was not present in the tests. So the people should not worry unnecessarily. The Animal husbandry minister, A Manju also said that chicken is safe for human consumption.

Meanwhile, people need to get aware of the disease correctly and to understand that whether the disease is severe for human health or not. For that, the government should raise awareness among the citizens. It is not easy to get infected with the virus; one needs a continued exposure to the avian influenza virus to catch the infection. Recently the H5N8 virus which got detected was the mutation of initial H5N1 and H7N7 viruses.

Dr V Ravi, Head of department, Neurovirology, at the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) stated that just because birds are dying because of the virus, it not necessary that people will also get infected from it. But if the person is managing the infected birds at a large amount, and that’s too without safety then there are chances for that person getting infected with the virus. Moreover, the virus only infects the most exposed group such as poultry workers while talking about the global level.

He further added that an individual needs the virus to the large extent to get infected by the disease. There is a reason behind it. The normal influenza receptors are usually nose, upper throat and nasal mucosa; receptors are the cells which are responsible for catching an infection. Whereas the receptors of this virus are located in the alveoli of the lungs deep inside. Therefore, a vast amount of virus should get inhaled to reach the receptors and getting infected with the disorder.

Though such situation has not happened in India where the virus had spread quickly as state monitoring units also trained in fast response. Like these units usually, sanitize the area of 10 kilometres around the focal point, where infection has been found or started. Meantime, not a single case has been suspected, even if such case occurs then patients get the treatment very carefully. The patient remains in a special ward away from all other patients.

There is also a place which treats any influenza, and that is Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Chest Diseases (RGICD). Here the patients who are infected get operated in separate wards from the main building. However, no such cases have occurred in India. Also, in Bengaluru incident, no cases have come which affected human, and no human died because of the bird flu. Therefore, feel free to eat your favourite dish without any fear of infection and if there is any such confusion created then get into the details to know better the situation.

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