You can control flashlight brightness of your iPhone with iOS 10

apple iphone flashlight brightness controller

Apart form the big changes in iMessage with iOS update, Apple is also allowing its users to adjust brightness level of the flashlight of the device. It was found that Apple devices with 3D touch technology are enabled to adjust the flash light brightness.

Traditionally, flashlights of Apple devices are called pretty bright which is useful in several situations. However, in some cases when users doesn’t need that much of intensity or brightness it can be like a pain. Keeping this in mind Apple has provided solution to adjust the light using the 3D touch.

To control the phone’s flashlight, all you have to is just swipe upward from the bottom of the screen to open control center. Now just taping on the flashlight option will only glow the light it won’t control the brightness, but if you press on it to register a 3D touch, a 3D touch menu will appear with three options; Low Light, Medium Light, and Bright Light. Tapping on one of them will turn the flashlight on in selected mode. The ‘Bright Light’ option will turn on the light with its actual brightness as it was glowing with iOS 9, while, the other two will dim it, accordingly.

After iOS 9, iOS 10 is perhaps the biggest update to Apple’s platform which will enhance and boost up the productivity of millions of Apple gadgets like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. With iOS 10, Apple users now can enjoy improved iMessage apps, enhanced Siri with third-party integration, revived iPhotos, Apple Music, Apple Maps, Flashlight Brightness control and much more.

The brightness controlling feature is seems to be pretty useful. It is great when a users is running out of battery, or needs a little bit of light. The disappointing factor here is that the feature won’t be available to the devices which doesn’t have a 3D touch or its alternative. It is only available with the iPhone 6S and above, running on iOS 10.

As jailbreak tweaks have claimed to bring 3D touch to unsupported devices. These tweaks make the 3D touch controls accessible on a handsets lacking the feature. However, since iOS 10 has just come out, jailbreak for the OS is yet to come. Once the jailbreak for iOS 10 will be available, this is just one of the many new features you will have access to.

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