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Commenting on the improvement in call drop issue Telecom Minister Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad said, “I am happy with the improvement, but telecom companies still need to work to make their network better.”

The  call drop problem in Indian telecommunication network seems to be overcoming these days. According to a survey conducted by Telecom Enforcement, Resource and Monitoring (TERM) cell which operates under the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), the call dropping issue has been dropped down in Delhi in a period of July to October.

On the released report, the telecom minister, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad has commented that he is glad that telcos are improving their networks, however, the companies have to work harder as they didn’t meet the quality benchmark yet. which is being set for mobile services.

“I am happy with the improvement, but telecom companies still need to work to make their network better,” Prasad told reporters. In addition, he shared the data of the survey that shows that call drop issue is being improving but still the telcos need to raise their efforts to meet the parameters. The parameters suggest that not more than 2 percent of the total calls made from the network should fail or disconnect due to the network fault.

According to the TERM cell report, call drop on the network of Bharti Airtel improved from the range of 2.92 – 17.77 in August to 0.08-2.98 at the end of October. Similarly, call drop on Vodafone improved from 1.53-6.63 to 0.3-2.97, Idea Cellular from 3.34-10.9 to 0.14-2.65, Reliance Communications, 1.53-24.83 to 0.02-5.15 and Aircel from 0.77-6.21 to 0.29-2.66 during the period under review.

The minister reported that the services are improved by installing new towers and repairing the non-functioning cell sites that make 18,33 lakh active mobile sites throughout the country. “Earlier about 35,000 cell sites were found to be defective. In the last 25,598 were found to be defective. Out of which 13,775 have been repaired and 13,823 are pending,” he further added.

As per the TRAI’s report, With a call drop rate of 3 percent, the period of April to June was the worst performance of the mobile sites on a sequential basis. While, the call drop rate for 2G services went up to 24.59 percent and 16.13 percent drops recorded for the 3G services during Q2 this year.

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