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The Digital India week is showing its colors in the Indian Technology Environment, as the C-DOT ( (Center for Development of Telematics), the premier R&D institute of DOT has introduced various broadband products under the Digital India Week.

Meanwhile, reports coming from DOT revealed that today the telecom minister, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad has blessed the Digital Week by announcing a Solar Powered Wi-Fi setup, a long distance Wi-Fi system, C-DOT Next Generation Network (NGN) in MTNL Network and 100 Gbps OFC Link.

Solar Powered Wi-Fi System

The Solar Powered Wi-Fi System is exclusively designed for outdoor remote areas that operates on  bands of 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz. The System can be used for WiFi hotspots, base station controllers and cellular base stations, database servers and ATMs. Therefore, the manufacturer has designed the system to work in in rough conditions and inconsistent input voltages.

The new solar energy based system will also be helpful in providing wireless connectivity up to the last mile of the rural areas. The main C-DOT technology, Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) will be linked to these devices, which will be the main support of BharatNet, the National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN).

Long Distance Wi-Fi System

The C-DOT’s new Long Distance Wi-Fi System will be very effective to inhospitable areas of India, as the system is a wireless platform that can spread Wi-Fi and IP connectivity to the remote areas in a power-efficient and cost-effective manner.

A solar powered green energy source is providing the maintenance software to the system. It revealed that their system will provide a 100 Mbps of bandwidth to a distant user.

C-DOT Next Generation Network (NGN) in MTNL Network

C-DOT Next Generation Network (NGN) in MTNL Network is a cost-effective network and it is expected from the system that it will take care the needs of telecom scenario and assist the telcos to make a smooth transition from legacy TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) technology to advanced VoIP technology. The different kind of software and hardware components of the system are designed C-DoT.

In addition, C-DOT has reported that it has tested over 1000 landline connections of legacy public switched telephone network (PSTN) technologies to C-DOT’s IMS-compliant NGN technology.

After the successful trial, MTL is supposed to launch various services including data, voice and video; through various network access based on IP. Also, the company revealed that it may transfer the existing 3.5 million landline subscribers to the IP-based network.

100 Gbps OFC Link

Discussing on the issue of low average bandwidth of Internet in India, C-DOT spokesperson revealed that the 100 Gbps OFC link, also called D-DOT Suteevra will fulfill the increasing demand of superior bandwidth, power efficiency and high power in the intense competitive market.

In the fast Internet environment, it is hard to find a PC port with less than 1 GbE speed, Suteevra sports a valuable significance in designing and enabling the infrastructure, in providing high-speed to the users, anytime, anywhere.

The system is enabled to serve various protocols and several applications like data, storage, TDM, ATM and video networks.

Meanwhile, a versatile mini 100G OTN (Optical Transport Network) platform, Suteevra is also being introduced, which is based on recent standards to be deployed in both brownfield and greenfield OTN networks.

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