This special bulletproof graphene suit material is harder than diamond: Research

Soft and flexible grapheme made bulletproof jacket's are harder than diamond Study

As per the latest reports, scientists have successfully managed to develop a unique bulletproof graphene sheet that can actually save millions of lives across the world. A team of scientists at Advanced Science Research Centre at the City University of New York made this special bulletproof graphene suit material.

They claim that on impact from any fast-moving or heavy object, this graphene material becomes harder than diamond. That means when a bullet touches the bullet-proof graphene suit the suit becomes a hard diamond plate and absorbs all the impact. The scientists have named this very very thin material as diamene.

This diamene is thinner than Aluminum foil and transforms immediately on impact. The material can block even the fastest and the most powerful bullets and hence can effectively save many lives.

Lead researcher Elisa Riedo, professor of physics at the ASRC said that this is the thinnest film with the stiffness and the hardness of diamond ever created. “Previously, when we tested graphite or a single atomic layer of graphene, we would apply pressure and feel a very soft film. But when the graphite film was exactly two-layers thick, all of a sudden we realized that the material under pressure was becoming extremely hard and as stiff, or stiffer, than bulk diamond,” explained Riedo.

After deeply analyzing electric properties of diamene in the lab, scientists found out that during the conversion of the material, a sudden reduction in electric current traveling through the material is observed. From this, the scientists got to know that the diamene material could exhibit unique electronic and spintronic properties.

The scientist ran computer simulated models and observed the outcomes when two honeycomb layered sheets of graphene are subjected to immediate and high pressure. The scientists found out that the graphite-diamond switch occurs if two graphene layers are combined. It does not undergo transition if just a single layer is used or more than two graphene layers are used.

Angelo Bongiorno, associate professor of chemistry at CUNY College of Staten Island who was a part of the research said that Graphite and diamonds are both made completely of carbon, but the atoms are arranged differently in each material, giving them distinct properties like hardness, flexibility, and electrical conduction. Our new technique allows us to manipulate graphite so that it can take on the beneficial properties of a diamond under specific conditions,” he said.

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  • Hard equals brittle, one of the reasons ‘forever sharp’ razors do not exist. The material exists but is not useful because the edge breaks rather than giving a little.
    A real breakthrough with far greater potential than stopping fast moving lead.

  • I’m curious as to how this would be effected in an actual simulation, in say a layered vest on a dummy. I hope this material will be the stuff of our future.

  • There are different ways a material can be hard. Diamonds have the highest scratch hardness. But, when it comes to impact, they are very brittle.

  • I’m looking forward to the day where we can put an extremely lightweight breathable material under our daily clothing. I mean heck, if they made a completely bulletproof rashguard wouldn’t you use it in the ocean? I do a lot of spearfishing and it would be nice to just throw on a rashguard that could stop a spear or bullet. Seeems like we are almost there with all the cool new waterproof smartphones…exciting times 🙂

      • No, but having something to protect from predators really helps. Most certainly while you are carrying around dead fish. I didn’t want to do a whole spearfishing tutorial for you right now but you should know what a bangstick is and what kinds of accidents can happen at night in the water. A smartphone or smartwatch (even better( would be an invaluable tool while diving and could monitor the censors on your light armor or if there is an issue with a predatory fish that you aren’t able to deal with you can have an app that can get you Coast Guard assistance ASAP. Not sure what you want to accomplish with your snarky reply but I do really hope I made this all less confusing for you.

        • Still confused…no mention of “sensors” in the article and what predators are going to deliver a hard sharp blow similar to a bullet?

  • So sick of people talking about theoretical properties of graphene and never actually running the tests that back it up. Show us an actual test, an actual bullet being shot at graphene, and then write an article. Until then, they are just blowing smoke.

    • There’s this thing. It’s called ‘money’. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. To run a test, you need ‘money’. You see, in order to obtain materials, pay the people who run tests, etc, you need ‘money’. One of the ways you can get ‘money’ is to release a study about the potential of a material, which generates interest from people who have ‘money’. They then give you this ‘money’ so that you can afford to run such tests.
      Sarcasm aside, we live in a system where scientific research requires monetary investment. Like it or hate it, it’s the system we have. This is clearly an attempt to generate said investment. Unless of course, you are willing to pay out of YOUR pocket for such tests?

      • This generation is the best funded research of any time in history! Money, however, doesn’t provide new ideas/concepts/theories. Those require mental power and ingenuity, something not taught in schools today. In 30 years, all of the money in the world won’t necessarily yield more and better solutions.

      • Money for research are key factor but don’t tell me that someone is going to finance that research because read about it online! Finance deals are made in private clubs without public.

        If graphne bulletproof vests were real they would already have them in production. Publishing bullshit about things that are in early stages of development like cancer/HIV cure graphene vests is to make people feel better “we are so close to solve our problems”

  • Yea…I’m dubious! If this “soft material” is pushed into the body by the projectile, even if the projectile does not puncture the material, what have you gained? Might help against expanding bullets somewhat.

  • Like Kevlar and Carbon Fiber, new materials start first in the military and spacecraft. Soon comes golf clubs, race cars, backpacks, kayaks,

    • That’s not true, military only consume what industry can produce. First tanks were made of excavators tractors and trucks, war airplanes were converted from cargo airplanes, first sattelites were communication/weather sattelites. The military pushing world forward is just a myth, accually it pushes world backward

  • Odd. Even diamond is weak if it’s a thin-as-foil sheet. Hardness usually means brittleness. Glass is hard..ceramics are hard….Neither shows toughness.

  • If graphene can be only 2 layers thick to work then it will be necessary to have an insulating layer between every 2 layer stack. It will take millions of layers all precisely made to make a vest. Lots of upscaling problems to solve.

  • Graphene is so sexy. Funny how it takes exactly two layers to get the magic effect.
    Not 1, not 3, not 5…. but 2. That’s when the magic happens. Happy Holidays!!!

  • from Snow Crash byNeal STephenson: “Where his body has bony extremities, the suit has sintered armorgel: feels like gritty jello, protects like a stack of telephone books”. i think we have our sintered armorgel.

  • Has this material actually been tested with live bullets? Hard as a diamond doesn’t mean a lot if the material is so brittle that it just shatters.

  • If it can really stop a high powered rifle round, it will be huge game changer in the military and law enforcement. Time will tell.

    • Like all armor it will eventually become obsolete. Why do you think we’re not wearing giant suits of modernized plate armor? Even though now we are actually working on exoskeletons with the intention of doing just that, but we’re also working on railgun tech which if you haven’t seen the US ones they’ve made they can put a hole clear through haul of a ship and keep going like it were a bullet through a coke can.

  • The NRA will be against this. They are supposed to be all about liberties and freedom to protect yourself – however if the vests made out of this material make guns less “effective” – it would mean less money to the gun manufacturers.

  • Diamonds are not bulletproof. A hard substance will shatter on impact. There needs to be layers of different materials to toughen up the impact point. An extremely hard substance such as diamond will not stop a bullet on its own unless very thick. Show me a researcher wearing just a few layers of this graphene matrix who is willing to take a bullet.

  • That’s a crazy small bullet to be impacting the atomic scale carbon structure behind it. Are we sure it’s properties will work the same at the atomic scale such as in the picture shown?

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