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Bug reported on Google Pixel’ fast-charging capability after Android Pie update

Users reported bug with Google Pixel' fast-charging capability

Last week, Google rolled out a stable and official version of its latest OS Android 9.0 Pie and that’s when Google Pixel devices which are prioritized by Google over other smartphones, received the stable update after an array of developer previews and beta updates. No doubt Android Pie is loaded with a plethora of features, it has recently caused a bug in Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL devices. People who updated their Pixels with Android P beta discovered this problem a few weeks ago where the bug is creating issues with Pixel’s charging speeds.

It isn’t surprising that such a bug exists in a beta version before that is why it is called beta as in an unfinished software. After going through a number of updates and patches, Google finally revealed the stable version and still, the bug seems to have escaped from the developers and now, it is causing annoyance in few Pixel and Pixel XL devices, if not all.

As per reddit, users tried a number of workaround such as they used different cables and chargers with Google-made charging brick and tried to toggle between the various components used in ‘charging’ a device, however, it seems like the phone isn’t charging at its full speed considering the fact that Google Pixel devices have fast-charging speeds similar to Huawei’s Dash charger.

A common solution to such a problem is to restart the phone, perform safe mode or hard reset in recovery mode, etc, however, users have quoted that the charging speeds vary even after they performed many of the said troubleshooting techniques. On the Google front, developers at Google ascertained the bug and updated the status of the bug on Google’s Issue Tracker claiming is as “Won’t Fix (Infeasible)” which makes things even worse.

But it doesn’t mean the bug will stay intact because Google updated the status stating that it can’t be resolved with an Android patch. This transfers the control of the shift to Google Pixel team “#teampixel”. Users will have to wait for the official update from Pixel’s end or else, they will have to bear with the bug similar to how some Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users have been facing camera bug that doesn’t allow them to access the camera on their device through an app which is far worse than fast-charging woes.

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