President Pranab Mukherjee on budget session

Budget session has begun today, and President Pranab Mukherjee has announced that he will help progress India with this budget. He has promised in matters like housing, black money, economy, clean energy that there will be no exceptions, and these matters will be resolved and citizens of India will benefit as much as it can from it.

President Mukherjee has claimed that by the mark of our 75th independence day that is in 2022, the government will make sure that every citizen in India has a roof over their heads. A set of customized housing programs are being devised in order to ensure that the basic housing problem in the country is resolved.

“Government attaches paramount importance to safeguard the interest of farmers and families affected by land acquisition,” Mukherjee said, commenting on the much controversial Land Acquisition Ordinance and said that there will be full transparency in the whole procedure to benefit farmers and that is the government’s priority.

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He also said that they are trying to stop the generation of black money both internationally and domestically and have traced about Rs 4,479 crores held by Indians accounted for it and Rs 14,958 crore within India, unaccounted for. He also mentioned that there will be ‘One stop crisis’ centers in every state for women protection.

“External sector is now far more resilient, with a moderate current account deficit & a broadly stable rupee,” Mukherjee said, on Economy development. He said that since his government has come in power, there has been a steady growth of 7.4% in India’s GDP and also that there has been a decline in the inflation.

The first part of budget session has begun today and will continue till 20th March, the second half of the same will begin after a month’s break and will commence on April 20 and will end on May 8.

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