Researchers develop new chip to hunt for alien life in universe

Breakthrough: This new optical chip for telescope can spot alien life on distant planet

In a breakthrough, researchers have developed a novel chip that will enable astronomers to spot aliens in another world. The new optical chip gets fit in a telescope and gives very high-quality pictures of alien planets to astronomers. The new chip can take high resolution shots with sharp detailing even in the presence of eye-blinding brightness of Sun, which no other present telescope can do.

“The ultimate aim of our work with astronomers is to be able to find a planet like Earth that could support life. To do this we need to understand how and where planets form inside dust clouds, and then use this experience to search for planets with an atmosphere containing ozone, which is a strong indicator of life,” said Dr. Madden from the ANU Research School of Physics and Engineering.

Scientists worked for over a decade to make the chip. First they selected which optical material to chose for making the chip and then they enabled the optical chip to exhibit noise cancellation property like in headphones. Scientists explained that the optical chip is like a inferometer which depletes the light coming from the Sun and enables weaker light coming from the distant planet to enter into telescope. This way astronomers can identify even very distant planet and can tell if they are habitable to support alien life.

For filtering out the sunlight entering the telescope, the chip adds equal but opposite light waves from a host sun which leads to deconstructive interference and cancels out the light from the sun.

“The chip uses the heat emitted from the planet to peer through dust clouds and see planets forming. Ultimately the same technology will allow us to detect ozone on alien planets that could support life,” said PhD student Harry-Dean Kenchington Goldsmith.

Scientists believe that this is chip is one its kind and will improve telescopes by several times. Using the chip will also enable astronomers to find alien life on distant planet.

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