Brains of psychopaths bent to make dangerous and violent decisions

Psychopaths’ brains are wired to over analyse immediate rewards and ignore the consequences that would be in the future due to their actions, making them anti-social and more violent, as stated by the scientists from Havard.

Researchers took the scans of the brains of approximately 50 prison inmates in prison to facilitate the explanation of why the psychopaths make very dangerous and poor decisions.

“Even though the psychopaths are most often presented as cold-blooded, almost like alien predators, we have been presenting that the deficits in emotions may not turn out to be the primary factor of these bad decisions,” stated Josh Buckholtz from the Havard University in the United States.

“Due to the choices made by the psychopaths which cause a great deal of trouble, we have been making continuous trials for understanding what goes on inside their brains while making these decisions which include the trade-offs between the benefits and costs of the action,” Buckholtz.

Psychopaths commit a very surprising amount of crime and such crimes are very astronomically expensive to the entire society and destructive to the victims.

Researchers studied at the measures based on the brain of value, communication, and reward between various regions of the brain which are involved in the decision making.

They made the use of a “mobile” scanner- which is conventionally used for the screening of cancer mostly in the rural areas.

The research team scanned the brains of  50 inmates for over 2 hours as they participated in a kind of delayed test of gratification that asked them to select between 2 options- get a smaller amount of money immediately or later receiving a larger amount.

The outcomes of these tests were the suitable for a model which allowed the experts to create a scale of not only how impulsive behaviour of every participant was, but also identifying the regions of the brain which has a role in the analysis of the relative value of these choices.

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