Bombay Velvet’s new song comes out with a bang

Bombay Velvet’s new song comes out with a bang

If you are one of those people who loved the Fifi, the first song released of Bombay Velvet, then you can take it to the bank that you are sure to fall in love with the second one almost instantly. ‘Mohabbat Buri Bimari’ is the name of this song and it was released on 17th April, 2015. In almost 18 hours of its release, it has seen over a million views.

Set in the backdrops of Bombay of the 1960s, the film tells the story of Johnny Balraj played by Ranbir Kapoor and Rosie played by Anushka Sharma and how their hopes and dreams collide with their individual realities and will Bombay rule them or it’s going to be the other way round.

Painted in the era of the 60’s, the song is composed by Amit Trivedi, and sung by Shalmali Kholgade. It’s a crispy and hot portrait of jazz, saxophone, and the 60’s era. The song has Anushka looking exquisite in a golden dress, seducing and dancing away to glory whilst Ranbir, in juxtaposition to the ambiance plays the mafioso to the hilt, with a gun in his hand, fighting amidst the serene setting.

The response to the song has been astounding and everybody is in awe with this song. We too loved its retro approach but then we had a feeling that we have seen it before. Maybe in 2002’s film Chicago, Rene Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones shaking to the tunes of jazz indeed painted a familiar fantasy.

The film is indeed been cased as hexed because of so many delays and interruptions it has been facing from its six-month delay in release to the feedback that was not expected by Mr. Kashyup.

We’d say that you must watch the song on YouTube or any other channel because for some mohabbat is indeed a buri bimari.

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