Boko Haram suicide attack, 7 year girl kills 10, wounds 43 in Nigeria

Nigerian girl suicide bombed -TeCake

On Sunday, in a market in the northeastern Nigerian town of Potiskum, a 7 year old girl suicide bomber managed to kill 5 people and wound 48 on the spot which was later confirmed by the hospital to be 10 killed, after five of the wounded died, and the chart became 10 killed and 43 wounded. This act of cruelty is suspected to be Boko Haram’s work where they are using innocent, kidnapped victims as suicide bombers.

This attack has not been the first of its kind and has been the third bomb attack by Boko Haram for the month. Since Boko Haram is all too keen on disrupting the elections on 28th March, this has been their constant act to ensure that violence doesn’t cease to exist, and the elections are postponed yet again.

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The event happened as described by the survivor, Anazumi Saleh said that the girl who didn’t seem to be any more than 10 years old came out of the gadgets selling market and blew up herself along with many others present here.

Boko Haram has also threatened many other cities as well, that if they do not support Boko Haram’s cause, they will face the same fate as many other cities under Boko Haram has acquired and allegedly killed hundreds of people so far.

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“Baga still is under the control of the Mujahideen and any claim by the regime that they took the city is their usual lie,” said a brief message posted on the Twitter account of Al-Urwa Al-Wuthqa, according to the Site intelligence monitoring service.

President Goodluck Jonathan has also stated that he had underestimated the level that Boko Haram would stoop to, in order to achieve its laws and motion to be set in stone. Boko Haram has been persistent on attacking various cities in Nigeria and has managed to acquire some, where the military troops had to flee the scene in order to save their skins.

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