Boko Haram plans on trashing the elections again


Boko Haram in its previous attacks had made it very clear that it doesn’t wish peace and treaty but wants to impose their rule. The actions have now been converted to words that have been spoken by Boko Haram’s leader saying that he will impose Islamic law in Nigeria.

“This election will not hold even if we are dead, Allah will not even allow it to happen,” Abubakar Shekau, the leader of Boko Haram, said in the video that was posted on Twitter. Shekau also threatened Chad and Niger for joining the fight against the Islamists saying that he will attack them also.

Shekau also claimed responsibility for the attacks on the city of Gombe and Cameroon. They revealed that their agenda had been to free their captured militants.

But in retribution, the Nigerian military has tried to recapture 11 towns and villages lost to Boko Haram and in a success event, had been able to kill more than 300 Boko Haram fighters in a Monguno town in northeast Borno state. 300 had been killed, and a few had been captured and are under interrogation.

Boko Haram has spread its wings wide and wishes to impose its law on every city and is trying to expand its boundaries and making them wider by the moment. But they won’t be able to get that easily, for Nigerian military along with support from various countries standing in their way of violence and bloodshed.

President Goodluck Jonathan has also stated last week that he is expecting the defeat of Boko Haram within a few weeks. He has some newly acquired weapons along with the cooperation of neighboring countries to battle the law breakers who will be severely punished for their horrific crimes and spreading of death and violence.

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