Blue Origin’s New Shepard is launched into space

Blue Origin launched its New Shepard mission on Sunday from Texas in the United States. It reached its aimed altitude of sixty-six miles. Just like the Falcon 9 rocket of the SpaceX, the New Shepard rocket is built with the reusable property. However, it is not equipped with the power of getting into the orbit like the Falcon 9.

The Blue Origin is focused on the “space tourist market” unlike the SpaceX, which has launched satellites and performed resupply tasks for International Space Station. The Blue Origin is providing the passengers with a short period opportunity for experiencing weightlessness.

The difference in the weights of the New Shepard spaceship and the Falcon 9 spaceship depict the different form in which both of them land. The Blue Origin’s New Shepard spaceship near about flickers for some time prior to erecting its body and docking down. The SpaceX’s Falcon 9, on the other hand, requires its thrusters to blast in order to prevent it from bumping into the docking pad and blasting.

The two aerospace companies Blue Origin and SpaceX, despite their similarities, are not competitors. The Blue Origin is led by Jeff Bezos while the SpaceX is led by Elon Musk. Both Bezos and Musk are billionaires who are currently focused on space tourism mission.

Christian Davenport has mentioned in his book “Space Baron” that the aerospace companies are closer to making history. Davenport has the belief that both Branson and Bezos are immensely determined to get passengers out of the earth to space. Both of them are investing a huge amount of wealth for the safety and convenience of the passengers. Further, Davenport has said that only some people have visited the space until now.

As reported, only five hundred sixty people could successfully achieve that height. However, among those people, most of the individuals are actually astronauts. People have felt that the journey into space has proved to be transformative. Branson and Bezos want the common people on the earth to visit space, roam around there and help them in observing earth’s curvature, the space’s black silence, and the earth’s magnificent blue-green atmosphere.

The plans of space tourism have not yet been implemented because of some undesirable circumstances. The occurrence of an accident in the year 2014 at the time of a test flight further delayed the execution of the plans for space tourism. The Virgin Galactic is set for carrying the passengers in its spacecraft that would launch from the United States spaceport. The Blue Origin spacecraft would launch from the launch site of West Texas.

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