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How to Block Pop Up Adds in Microsoft Edge Browser?

Advanced Settings
Advanced Settings

The Internet is one of the most basic requirements of the people around the globe. Most of us like spending time on the internet by surfing and browsing through different websites, blogs or even video channels. Picking up the right browser for surfing the internet affects the content and credibility of the website you visit. Moreover, if a Web Browser is fast enough then it can save plenty of your time. Microsoft has recently released one of the fastest Web browser, Microsoft Edge which is indeed faster than various web browsers available for Windows.

But the most annoying and time killer thing you face when you are browsing the internet is POP-UP Ads. These POP-UP Ads are so annoying and can appear suddenly in front of your screen while you are using some important stuff. There are a plethora of reasons for these POP-UP Ads to appear in the Microsoft Edge Brower. Plenty of adware, malware and faulty programs can cause these POP-UP Ads to appear in Microsoft Edge Browser. You can run a check for the faulty and suspected unwanted programs or software installed on your PC through the Control Panel. If you find any suspicious program or software immediately uninstall it completely from your PC.

Well, there are few things you can do to block POP-UP Ads in Microsoft Edge Browser-

Modifying Settings in Microsoft Edge Browser

There are some scripts applied to various websites which enable POP-UP Ads on your Microsoft Edge Browser. You can simply change few options in settings in the Microsoft Edge Brower to reduce or block these POP Ads. Just follow the steps below –

  1. Open up the Microsoft Edge Brower on your Windows PC.
  2. Move to the rightmost top section to find More Settings (…) and click on it.
    More Settings
    More Settings
  3. A Pop-Up list would appear. In the Pop-Up list, you will find the Advanced Settings option.
  4. Click on the Advanced Settings options.
    Advanced Settings
    Advanced Settings
  5. When you click on the Advanced Settings Options you will find Block Pop Ups. Just make sure that it is turned ON.

Use Brower Extension in Microsoft Edge Browser

It may happen that even if you block POP-UPs in the Microsoft Edge Browser settings still some POP-UPs would appear. Don’t worry there are certain Add Ons available on the internet for Web Browser to stop these Add Ons to appear frequently.

Ad Block Plus
Ad Block Plus
  1. AdBlock Plus is an extension that can serve your purpose.
  2. Follow the link below to install AdBlock Plus on your Microsoft Edge Browser – Download Here
  3. If your Windows 10 PC is upgraded to Anniversary Updates you can install this Add On.
  4. Click on Agree and Install to install this on Microsoft Edge Browser.


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