BlackBerry prepares for another flop with Classic smartphone


As per the rumours, BlackBerry is expected to launch yet another product in the Indian market. Calling it a ‘Classic,’ the smartphone is expected to lure many into buying it. However, what’s important would be the price of this phone. Company has already announced the Passport but somehow the overall performance of the product wasn’t appreciable.

If the reports are to believed, BlackBerry is going to introduce yet another BlackBerry Classic device in the month of December, however, what’s exciting about this new smartphone is that the company is going to launch it with a brand new operating system. There have been no reports about the features of the new OS, but is apparently going to be named as BlackBerry OS 11 – or that’s what the past says.

Reports suggest that the smartphone was set to launch on the 17th December this year, but has been delayed for several unknown reasons. The design has a sturdy metallic body. However, misses one or more things every individual look forward while buying a smartphone.

There is a ‘Porsche Design’ written on the top, and unfortunately that takes away the freedom of taking a selfie. There is no provision for the front camera in this device. The processor isn’t that powerful either, and there is no way you can record videos in 4K resolution.

The screen for this device does not fall in the category of phablets, however, what’s amazing about it is the excellent design that fits very firmly in your hand. It has the same old QWERTY keyboard.

BlackBerry almost a month also introduced Passport, a square smartphone that had trackpad enabled QWERTY keyboard. The device is best for viewing the web pages or emails or the documents. Unlike most of the devices, BlackBerry eliminated the need of putting the phone in landscape or portrait.

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