BlackBerry Key2 unveiled- possible sequel to BlackBerry KeyOne

TCL Corporations has unveiled its new BlackBerry Key2 on Thursday 7th June. This premium smartphone is actually an upgraded version of the BlackBerry KeyOne that was launched last year. Arriving just after a year, the BlackBerry Key2 carries the same design as that of its ancestor with a lot of fine notable enhancements.

The new BlackBerry Key2 is lighter as well as slimmer as compared to the previous BlackBerry KeyOne and features a 4.5 inches display like that of its predecessor. The new version, however, unlike its host, comes with a bigger physical keypad with slightly broader keys.

Although the look of the BlackBerry Key2 is almost similar to that of the KeyOne, TCL has added an additional camera to the back of the phone. The BlackBerry Key2 comes with a dual rear camera of twelve megapixel, which offers portrait mode along with in-built Google Lens. One of the two cameras of the BlackBerry Key2 has an f/1.8 aperture while the other one has an f/2.6 aperture designed for quicker autofocus. The front camera is of eight megapixels and comes with slow-motion mode. It is also dedicated to perfect panoramic photography. The front camera is also equipped for shooting 1080p videos at thirty fps.


The BlackBerry Key2 comes with a new “Speed” key that was not present in the KeyOne. In order to make space for this new key, TCL reportedly had to eliminate the additional “right shift key,” which is present on KeyOne. This new key is basically a shortcut for faster switching between apps.


TCL has kept the battery life of the BlackBerry Key2 same as it is in the KeyOne. The huge battery of 3,500mAh provided inside the smartphone would get its users through approximately forty-eight hours of use without having to charge the phone.


The new handset would reportedly arrive in the United States, Canada, the U.K., Germany, China, and France by the cease of the current month. The BlackBerry Key2 is expected to be rolled out more widely in the month of July.

The device would reportedly cost around 649 dollars for 6 GB RAM and storage of 64 GB in the markets of the U.S. It would be priced at near about 829 dollars in the markets of Canada. The Key2 would be available in the European markets at 579 Euros.




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