BlackBerry BBM to sport auto-destroy timed messages


BlackBerry Smartphones’ very old companion BBM or BlackBerry Messenger is now going to get a feature that is similar to the one found in a commonly used messaging app — Snapchat. BlackBerry today announced that the BBM will sport a feature which will allow its users to set a time for the message visibility, meaning the photos, videos and texts you send over the BBM will now be having an auto-destroy capability. The messages will destroy themselves once the clock hits zero and won’t be visible to anybody afterwards.

The update will be available on all of the three platform, including Android iOS and BlackBerry. The Android and iOS users along with the BlackBerry owners can avail the service for free, however that’s only for a limited period of three months. The auto-destroy service will then be having a price tag that will come bundled with other services. The price is still not disclosed, and the Canadian smartphone giant is expected to announce it anytime in the next week.

BBM will allow its users to set up a timer for all of their messages, they will now be able to control life of their messages and for how long they will stay in the recipient’s device. However, what’s exciting to know is, you can even make your messages vanish before they are delivered or seen by the recipient and unlike Snapchat, the BBM notifies you if the image is stored somewhere or if a screenshot has been taken of it.

BlackBerry has always been ahead in protecting its users by implementing advanced cryptographic algorithms in the device, and this new feature is supposedly going to increase the privacy level of the user. The update is freely available at the Google Play Store, App Store and BlackBerry World.

BlackBerry is one of the companies that has seen worse, however, with the recent launch of BlackBerry Passport; the Canadian smartphone giant is expected to have huge profits by the end of this year. Currently. BlackBerry holds a market capital of $5.460 Billion.

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