Black holes have secret short cut to connect different worlds, suggest new theory

NASA celebrates #BlackHoleFriday by releasing breathtaking images

Black holes are the most mysterious entities in the Universe that have baffled scientists till today. Until this year, scientists were in doubt whether they exist or not. However, their existence was confirmed by LIGO as it discovered the gravitational waves. Black holes are the most dense objects present in the universe. Density is so much high that even a spoon full soil of Black Hole would weigh more than the mass of our Earth and gravitational pull is so huge that even light cannot escape from it.

Scientists still don’t know what actually happens inside a black hole as laws of Physics don’t apply there. A theory suggests that black holes have ‘back door’ which can be used to travel other parts of the universe in no time.

Researchers from the University of Valencia in Spain and the University of Lisbon in Portugal have led to a study which says that wormholes are present in the centre of a black hole which are shortcuts of different parts of universe in the space-time web.

Previous theories warn that nothing can escape the gravity of a black hole and we do manage to reach near black hole, then we will turn in a long elongated noodle stuck in the centre of the massive body.

Black Holes are formed when super massive stars die and everything starts collapsing towards the centre. Black holes are present in the centre of galaxy and sometimes they are more than one black hole. Our galaxy Milky Way also has one giant black hole in its centre and every object withing the galaxy is revolving around it.

In the new theory, the researchers were able to come up with a way of describing wormholes where the centre is a tiny spherical surface. According to the researchers, this surface is a sign that a wormhole exists within a black hole. The existence of a door at the centre of a black hole points to a way for space and time to continue, that connects two points of universes. Wormhole is smaller than the size of a nucleus of an atom but expands with the charge stored in the black hole.

They prepared a model explaining that if a person or an object entered a black hole, it will be stretched to the extreme to enter the wormhole, after passing the door, the shape will go back to being normal. The object would experience extreme intense and not infinite forces.

Geodesic is the closest distance between two points in the space. Scientists say that geodesics don’t stop in the middle of the black hole, but tunnel through a tinier-than-an-atom sized portal to someplace else, where they straighten themselves out. This way one can travel to other parts of the universe within short time span. However, it is just a theory and its implementation is far from possible as of now.

The study appeared in the Classical and Quantum Gravity.

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