Delhi Elections: With the elections coming near, BJP and AAP are fighting day and night to win, trying numerous tricks to get their party on the winner’s stand. Both the parties are throwing mud at each other without realization that this will end in both of them being in dirt.

BJP has been publishing cartoons about AAP and is directing its attacks towards AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal. Kejriwal in a statement said that he didn’t view his discontent when BJP cartoonists made fun of him or his children, but it’s about time that they stopped.

BJP is accused of releasing a cartoon in which Arvind’s caste has been called “upadravi (nuisance causing) gotra”. Arvind says that as long as the attack was personal he didn’t complain but now BJP is branding the whole of Agarwal community as ‘upadravi’ so he won’t sit down quietly and take insults for his community.

He says he wants BJP to apologize as soon as they can and to take the cartoons down from the streets, papers and social media or else they will be lodging a complaint to the election committee stating that BJP has stooped down to the level of bringing caste and creed into politics.

BJP has also been alleged to have been misusing CBI and spreading corruption.

In retort to this BJP has said that AAP is taking offense of everything except for their own actions. BJP accuses that earlier they tried to disrupt the Republic Day parade, enter BJP office by force, took business class seats to fly to Dubai when they supposedly don’t have much money and some other things.

Both the parties are hell bent on bringing the other one down and making each other look like the bad guys. What they both are not understanding is that, it will be their work towards the society that will be judged and not the past deeds because it indeed is a universal fact that everyone has a past they are ashamed of but it’s what they are doing now that will reflect their position.

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