BJP leader Srikant Bharti shot in Bihar

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BIHAR: Protest started in Bihar after Srikant Bharti, BJP leader was killed near Krishna theatre in Siwan district of Bihar. The evil incident took place when he was returning from a marriage on Sunday night. Shooters are still unidentified.

Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG-Saran Range) Parasnath said that the incident took place when Srikant was returning on bike on his way back home in Sonali Toli locality. While he was riding, assassins came on another bike close to him and shot him with very close range.

Soon after the incident took place he was taken to the Sardar hospital where he was declared to be dead before making to the hospital.

Police officials said “Hundreds of supporters of the murdered leader, blocked roads and burnt tyres. They also raised slogans against the state government.”

Additional security forces were deployed in the area and the situation is  now under control but tension still prevails in the region. Businessmen were forced to put down shutters of their shops, and no people were allowed to walk on streets. Supporters and family wanted the arrest of the culprits.

According to rumours, it was a political killing that was planned by the rival party i.e. Congress. The fact that is powering these rumours to be a truth is that the probability of Bharti becoming a BJP MP were very high.

Bharti lost in the assembly polls from Siwan Seat in 2010 from Congress, then he switched to BJP for the next elections.

This was another dark spot on the government of Bihar, which is already famous for its high rising corruption. Already many killings took place in Bihar and now this one adding to the count of innocents killed.

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