BJP in dilemma to support Jitan Ram Manjhi

Jitan Ram Manjhi tecake

BJP has decided to retrieve its step back from helping Jitan Ram Manjhi and now is saying that the decision to back up Manjhi will be done during the assembly meeting. Previously BJP had been openly saying that they will back Manjhi up and rumors of Manjhi meeting PM Narendra Modi for the same had been buzzing.

This change of heart may have been a consequence of Delhi elections results that had forced BJP to think twice before making any promises where BJP’s secret weapon Kiran Bedi lost to AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal.

Nitin Kumar, leader of JDU, has met with the President along with his loyal 130 MLAs and has proven to the President that he holds the majority to form a Bihar government and again requested Manjhi’s resignation.

Nitin, on the other hand, is being portrayed as the power hungry politician who had the potential to becoming the Prime Minister but due to his greed and ill far-sightedness has only been left with fighting over a mere post of Chief Minister.

“We want decision regarding the crisis in Bihar should be taken immediately as delay will lead to vitiation of atmosphere and encourage horse trading,” he said, which further proves that he might be as greedy for power as he is being portrayed.

He has declared on national television that he holds the majority to form Bihar government and end this political crisis and intends to do so as soon as possible. Although he has given Manjhi a chance to save his skin by providing him the benefit of a ‘Special Session’ where he can ask for votes of those who favor him.

Previously Manjhi has also claimed the same thing and now we will have to see whose claim is right after the Special sessions’ results come out.

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