Billionaires are Now Participating in the Space Race: Report

Hubble Space Telescope

Nowadays not only scientists but the billionaires also showing a keen interest in the space activities and want to find out the mysteries of Space. Space travel is way too expensive the cost of paying scientists, gathering materials and building state-of-the-art equipment, yet what about those for which money is not a problem? While technology prevails to advance and the idea of space travel becomes more practical, a rising number of the world’s wealthiest residents have grown associated in the universal haste to explore our universe and maybe even find alien life on the way. Five most affluent recognisable individuals are giving NASA a route for its capital in the space race.

Elon Musk

Maybe the most recognisable name on the list, he is the CEO of SpaceX, a company that designs, builds and launches spaceships, spacecraft and missiles into the solar system. Still, he isn’t so much concerned with outer space travel as Musk is with setting up a colony on our closest celestial system neighbour. He described his space goals in a paper published in June and proposes that if everything goes to plan, crafts could start flying to Mars in as little as from now.

Yuri Milner

This week, the Russian billionaire Mr Yuri Milner stated at the New Space Age gathering in Seattle that he is thinking to sponsor a project to send spaceships to Saturn’s moon Enceladus to investigate for alien life. Milner appears to be the newest in a modern trend of billionaires establishing their sights on the stars and for using their wealth to help man examine the galaxy. He was an initial investor in Facebook and Twitter, and more lately invested in Spotify and Airbnb.

Now, Milner is more biased with alien life than tech, and at the conference emphasized his hopes to send a personally funded mission to Enceladus relatively soon to study whether recently witnessed plumes are an evidence of alien life.

Robert Bigelow

This Billionaire, a real estate developer, is very free with his faith in life beyond earth and claims that he has spent millions and millions and more than anyone else in the U.S., in the quest to determine aliens are real or not. He is also the originator and president of Bigelow Aerospace, a Las Vegas-based organization that works to design and build spacecraft that humans would be able to live in for both the private and government enterprises.

Jeff Bezos

Bezos is the well-known founder of Amazon. He also wants to run in the space race and declared beginning this year his intentions to use some of his money to support the investigation into getting a man to Mars.

Now, Bezos is starting small and working to get space travel pocket-friendly and practical. This plan includes the making of commercial flights to space that are cheaper. He has expressed that finally, he would like to go toward the aim of having millions of people living and working in the space.

Mark Zuckerberg

Not even the famous and well-known Facebook lord can resist the charm of knowing what’s beyond the Earth. Previous year Mark made a partnership with Star Shot Project, a project intended for sending robots deep into space, to verify things out in the space. The project has been praised as the most-ambitious alien finding project ever.

Although this project would not send humans into space, the robots would be taking pictures that would be transmitted back to Earth, allowing us to see what lays hidden in the faraway reaches of the universe.

Now with all these information, we can just hope that soon we will be able to identify what is beyond the earth or maybe we can find out the mystery of Aliens.

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