Bigger brain size is now possible with healthy eating, research says

You often go to the gym or workout at home to gain bigger and toned muscles but what if you would want to gain a bigger brain that can function much better and make you intelligent? According to the new study, you can actually grow your brain size if you do a little effort. The study conducted in the Netherlands stated that people who consumed more vegetables and fruits along with fish and nuts had a relatively bigger brain size than their counterparts who like to stay away from these nourishing food items.

Dr. Meike Vernooji, senior author of the study believes that adhering to an overall healthy diet quality can support brain health and also can be a suitable preventive strategy to maintain and augment cognition in healthy older adults. Dr. Vernooji is also a professor of population imaging at Erasmus University Medical Center, in Rotterdam. The study was conducted in the Netherlands where more than 4,200 people participated that were above 45 years in the beginning and the average age of the participants was 66. The first study got completed where the volunteers and researchers surveyed the types of food and its quantity that the participants ate over the last month. The survey consisted of almost 400 food items.

Researchers investigated the diet quality based on the Dutch dietary guidelines. The quality of diet was then measured on a scale of 0 to 14 in which the scale 14 considered to be the healthiest. The diets consisted of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, dairy, fish, and few sugary beverages. Vernooji also said that it is known that the risk of cognitive decline increases with advancing age. With the increasing age, human brain size decreases.

The average diet score according to the researchers was seven. The participants were also sent for MRI scans to measure their brain size. Other information was also collected that could affect the growth of brain like physical activity, high blood pressure, and smoking. The researchers found out that a higher diet score was associated with bigger brain size after adjusting the data to account for such factors. People who followed the healthiest diets had bigger brain sizes that were 2 milliliters larger than that of the people who consumed less healthy foods.

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