The Big Billion Day: Flipkart confused between Moto X and BlackBerry Z10


Flipkart’s The Big Billion Day shopping offer can easily lure anyone to go on a shopping spree, however, what inside is truly horrifying. It is without a doubt that the company is selling products with a great discount. However, the website behaving in such an annoying way that it is next to impossible to place an order today.

While placing the order for the first generation Moto X device, out of now where, the bugs in Flipkart put a BlackBerry Z10 into the cart. We were surprised to see the BlackBerry Z10 smartphone instead of the Motorola Moto X.


Flipkart is one of the biggest retail giants in India and still is failing to have proper servers running its website. Somehow we were able to place an order for a Moto X, however, due to the internal server error it was placed two times, and since there is no refund or return policy working today, we are now forced to pay for two units, no matter what.

One cannot simply add items in the cart and when there are no ‘items’, we get ‘one’ instead of zero. The experience has truly been destroyed and feels like as if the website was launched without testing any of its features.


However, when we tried talking about this with customer care, we were unable to get our call as it was busy, but when we did we were told that “Due to technical issues, we can help you right now, inconvenience is regretted.”

Today, company lost all the respect that it has gained in the years. The shopping experience at one of the renowned website has significantly failed.

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