Bid for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s suit reached 1.85 crore on the last day of three-day auction this Friday. The tailored navy suit, which he wore during US President Barack Obama visit to India, boasts strips with Narendra Damodar Modi embroided on it.

Rajesh Jain, who holds an engineering firm in Haryana, placed the highest bid increasing his previous offer of Rs 1.65 crore. The attempt was made just after builder Jayantibhai Itrela offered a whopping 1.81 crores for the suit. Earlier, Lavji Patel and Hitesh Patel, diamond merchants in Surat, offered a bid of Rs 1.71 crore and Rs 1.65 crore respectively.

The auction started on Wednesday, without a base price. However, the first bid started from a whopping Rs 51 lakh. On the first day of auction itself, the bid climbed to Rs 1.24 crore when Global Modi Fan Club’s Rajesh Maheshwari made the bid. On second day, the highest bid of Rs 1.48 crore was made by Surat-based Mukesh Patel.

With the controversial suit, 450 other gifts are being auctioned. The money received from the auction will be used in the mission ‘NAMAMI GANGES’ (a mission to clean holy Ganga).

Several controversies have raged since the PM wore the suit that reportedly costs Rs 10 lakh rupees. Narendra Damodar Modi is printed using gold stings, which can be clearly seen in the image.


The suit suffered lot of controversies, several political leaders made it a political agenda and thrashed PM Modi for wearing such a costly suit. Congress leader Jairam Ramesh called it crazy to waste such a huge amount of money in a suit just to impress to the visiting President. He said that the money spent on the suit could have been used in welfare of India.

The suit is reported to be tailored by Jade Blue in Ahmedabad.

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