Beyhadh 1st December 2016 Written Update, Full Episode: Arjun gives massage to Maya

Beyhadh: In the first scene of today’s episode, Arjun stays in hospital with Maya. He says ,”Are you ready for getting bored?” Maya puts her hand on her mother’s head, smiles, and then go with Arjun. He cleans the sofa with tissue and says, you can sit now. Maya sits on the sofa with Arjun and says, speak.

Maya feels tension in her neck. Arjun says that he gives best massage but he can’t give massage to Maya as she is “touch me not” types. Maya gives Arjun a positive gesture and Arjun starts giving massage to Maya.

While giving massage Arjun continuously speaks about Saanjh that how she relieves Arjun from every problem and if Arjun gives Saanjh massage every day that won’t be enough, which make Maya angry and she says that stop massaging as tension is increasing. Then Arjun starts talking with Maya about other things and falls asleep and Maya keep watching Arjun.

Meanwhile, Saanjh is unable to sleep as he is worried about Arjun and she knows about Maya’s feelings. She calls Arjun. Maya sees that Saanjh is calling Arjun, so she kicks Arjun’ s phone and gently cuts the phone with her heels and breaks it.

In morning Arjun wakes up, while Maya is still watching him. He gets shocked and asks her, “you are still awake?” Maya says that she do not fall asleep easily. Arjun founds that his phone is broken and gets sad. Meanwhile, Maya’s mother, Jahnvi wakes up and calls Maya & Doctor enters the room to check Jhanvi’ s health and says that her mother is stable now.

In an other scene, Saanjh’s father Prem makes breakfast for his daughter and wife to please them as he is sorry for the last night. Maya takes her mother to home and gets angry on her and says, why she always keep remembering Maya her past. She warns and asks her to play the role of her mother only. After that Maya goes to office as per regular routine and get to know that Arjun has not come office today.

While, Ayaan’s mother gets angry on Arjun because he stayed with Maya in hospital then suddenly door bell rings. Ayaan’s mother tells Ayaan to put clothes as there is must be washerman on door, but as she opens the door she gets shocked by finding Maya on door.

Want to know why Maya came to Ayaan’s house? Will Maya be able to express her feelings to Arjun? Stay tuned to The TeCake for further updates.

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