What is the best way to treat dengue? Ask the experts

Dengue, as everybody knows is a mosquito-borne disease and has the ability to cause life-threatening disease if it is not diagnosed and treated on time. The dengue symptoms appear after three to five days of the virus acquiring the host body. The common symptoms of dengue include fever, joint pain, skin rash, and headache. The disease is characterized when a person gets 104 degrees of fever with a headache and other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, etc.

The first step to treat dengue at home is getting the body temperature down. The first line treatment for dengue is to have paracetamol that is the age-old medication that treats fever and dengue symptoms like joint pain, muscular aches, nausea, etc. when you are treating high-grade fever; it has been observed that people think of giving high-dose medications to help treat the infection soon which is not true.

Dr. Sushila Kataria, Director of Department of Internal Medicine and Geriatrics, Medanta says, You might assume that the temperature is high so the infection would also be strong enough to treat with simple first aid medications, but the best way to get rid of the fever and flu-like infections is paracetamol. Taking ibuprofen and aspirin tablets are not recommended in fever cases. The platelet count in dengue fever goes down and in such conditions taking high power, medicines can reduce the platelet count to even less. This can also increase the chances of the patient to get internal bleeding or incur severe dengue and also have a problem with capillary leak syndrome.

Dengue is a condition where fluids and proteins leak the tiny blood vessels into the surrounding tissues and swell them. This can lead to immense low blood pressure, hypoalbuminemia, and decrease in the count of plasma. These conditions can certainly be considered as life-threatening for any dengue patient.

Dr. Kataria explains the treatment of dengue as one should take paracetamol when he or she experiences symptoms of dengue fever at least six times a day and continue taking the tablets. Secondly, it is advised to follow sponging with tepid water to decrease the body temperature. One should avoid taking intra-muscular injections and high power medications at the initial stage as it can decrease the platelet count worsening your condition.

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