What is the best way to burn calories: Running or dancing?

Running is considered to burn more calories as compared to that of dancing, as stated by several weight-loss programs. Running long distances is considered as the best way to burn calorie and is the top-ranked exercise among the 158 exercises listed by the Harvard Heart Letter. As compared to running, dancing does not burn as many calories as it should because it is not an intense activity that doesn’t raise your heart rate as that of running.

When you talk about aerobic exercises, it is considered as one of the 10 exercises that are advised by The Merck Manual Home Health Handbook. When you run at a pace of six minutes per mile, you burn around 495 calories per 30 minutes if you weigh 125 pounds, 614 calories per half an hour. Running not only makes your mind fresh and active but makes every cell of your body work and sweat. Running for a limited distance every day can make your health stable and lose weight. You gain muscles and not put on weight. This is the way one can build muscles instead of fat.

Slow running, on the other hand, is not as an intense workout as of running and it also burns fewer calories. Although, your mind stays alert and body active but the pace you work on for half an hour or more is minimal which does not makes your body burn more calories. If you are not a running-lover person, you can choose the slow running exercise either on the treadmill or on the road. You can jog and talk which won’t be possible while running.

Dancing on a good rhythm not only burns your fat but is also a good exercise than jogging. If you practice ballet or twist, you burn 180 calories per 30 minutes of dancing. When you practice disco, ballroom, or square dancing on a regular basis, you do not burn as much of calories as of ballet or twist. Dancing with weights will help you burn more calories as it will become a much more intense activity. If you are looking for the most effective exercising ways to reduce weight, you need to practice running and if not, you can jog every day and reduce the belly flap effectively.

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