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iOS 10

The September event of Apple of this year is gonna to be truly terrific as several eyes sticks on it. Apple is all set to wrap off its two new flagships called ‘iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus’ on 7th September which will be accompanied by the latest OS of Apple iOS 10. iOS 10 beta seven has already been dispatched, and now it’s time for the final launch of iOS 10.

Here is a rundown of top specifications of iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra which is must considerable.


Access to the lock screen

The top rumor about the upcoming iPhones was about its lock screen functionality, and it is to some extent true. With the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, one can use multiple features on the lock screen.

Upgraded iMessage

iMessage of iPhones have become ecosystems for Smartphone users and with the new iOS 10, iMessage has got a major overhaul. Rather than a standard message option, the movement of this spec has become more improved and faster, like never before.

Universal Clipboard

The new iOS 10 also has brought up an all-new universal clipboard with which one can easily copy the photos, contents or whatever you want to use in your document or presentation you are running on a Mac by just pasting it over Mac.

Improved 3D Touch

The innovative 3D Touch facility of iPhone is getting unique specifications with new iOS 10. With newly added features and applications, a user can quickly add widgets at a long press.


Siri on the Mac

Siri which was previously found on iPhone will now be available at MacOS. By tapping on a link or a keyboard shortcut – Fn + Spacebar, one can you initiate Siri on MacOS.

Intelligence Search

The intelligence that Siri conveys to the Search on macOS stretches out to pictures and comparable pursuit inquiries. A user now can easily find whatever they want, and Siri utilizes picture acknowledgment calculations to discover all the applicable images that relate to your keywords.

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