Bellandur Lake in Bangaluru catches fire due to industrial effluents

Bellandur Lake in Bangaluru has been reported to catch fire. According to a team of researcher from Indian Institute of Science (IISc), fire has been due to the large amount of industrial effluents present in the water body. These effluents resulted in the formation of froth which eventually caught fire on !6 May 2015.

Lead author Prof TV Ramachandra from Centre for Ecological Sciences (CES) said that water bodies in Bangalore including lake Varthur, Bellandur, Yemlur have been receiving huge amount of untreated industrial wastes which has resulted in formation of foam. He further explained that frothing is caused by pollutants settled as sediments. They churn following strong winds and heavy rainfall, resulting in the froth.

According to the findings published in a study titled, Pathetic status of wetlands in Bengaluru: epitome of inefficient and uncoordinated governance, fire in the water bodies has not been due to presence of methane but a mixture of industrial effluents and phosphate led to the fire. Moreover, the froth cannot catch fire on its own until and unless someone gives it a spark. However,  Ramachandra noted that froth formation was a 10-year-old problem and now the fire has brought it under attention.

According to reports, three major lakes — Varthur, Bellandur and Challaghatta, receive more than 500 million litres of untreated waste daily. Although, media, environmentalists and ecologists have raised their concern towards the worsening situation, but Bengaluru government has been slow to react to the situation. Dr Ramachndra said that proper planning for disposal of sewage should be done immediately.


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  • The Truth

    Bengaluru as well as Karnataka govt is useless. Whoever comes to power, thinks mainly how to loot. Moreover corruption is spread at every level of governance..and without bribes, many thing do not work. This is very much true especially in property matters.

    • Yash Pal

      Very well said. However, they are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  • OurBetterIndia

    Such a shame, IT capital of India is ZERO in environment and these uneducated filthy politicians are good for nothing, doing nothing for the state, city or nation, but doing for theme self only. All the population in Karnataka is just a bunch of Idiots and A$$ Holes for chooses such a representative for the state. FU$K!NG Loosers

  • Ramaguru Prasad Jakkala

    Naturally no one will take responsibility for this. But we are ready to take on Nestle for Maggi mess-up.

  • OneMighty

    Hello Greenpeace where are you….or are you selective and take only BIG ones?…I think this is a big and challenging one for you…. If you do it in Bangalore it would be a good Ad… there is a good source for your income as there are so many IT employees who can be convinced for what you are doing.

    • trn

      govt has banned them from india.

      • OneMighty

        no ban now…revoked two of their local bank accounts…but no more foreign supply

  • Somanath Shenoy

    Thank GOD I left Bengaluru. I stayed near Bellandur for around 6 years. The main reason for me to leave B’lore is pollution as disease caused because of that. I feel like dying after i return from office. The only reason ppl run towards B’lore is climate but that is deteriorating gradually. It was a paradise 20 years back.

  • neha priya

    i just don’t understand what are the list of duties govt is seriously looking at day by day life is getting worse in bangalore no waste maintainance . No good control on traffic. roads are worse even in the posh areas, forget about the maintenance of roads in mediocre areas. no good traffic maintenance. price hikes in almost everything (includes travelling through public transport, house rentals in the city even in day to day items). no workaround for a promised local train also. bungler govt and common ppl need to learn a lot from chennai. bangalore is far far behind chennai. just becoming concrete jungle day by day.