Behad Written Update 23 October, 2017 Episode: Arjun saves Maya

beyhadh written update 23 october episode

Arjun lashes out at Maya because of the scene she created on the Karwachoth. He says that he hates himself for loving him. Maya cries and runs to her room where she breaks the things and the photo frame of Saanjh and Arjun’s picture. Next morning Arjun tries to eat Saanjh breakfast because she was upset by the behaviour he is doing with Maya.

However, Arjun convinces Saanjh and eat her with his hands. Maya sees this by hiding behind the wall and gets angry and breaks the vas. Saanjh gets tensed with the sound at goes to check if Maya is fine.

Maya pretends to be unwell and asks Arjun to take her to the doctor, but Arjun keeps ignoring her. Saajh says that she will take her to the doctor, but then Maya says if Arjun doesn’t care about her then she doesn’t care about anyone. She leaves the house angrily and uncontrollably drives the car. Arjun follows Maya along with Saanjh just for the sake of her.

Saanjh tells Arjun that Maya is going in the direction of the forest with the help of GPS tracker. Whereas, Maya drives the car so fast that police notices it and follows to stop the car. Saanjh gets to know this by the news on radio and asks Arjun to stop Maya anyhow otherwise if police caught Maya then there will be a great trouble.

Arjun gets off the car and somehow managed to stand in the front of the direction of  Maya’s car. Maya spots Arjun and stops the car. Saanjh swaps the car with Maya to eliminate the police issue. Arjun takes Maya to hospital. Police inquiries from Saanjh about the speed issues to which she replies that breaks are not working. Police go back after the inquiry.

Meanwhile, in hospital, the doctor confirms that Maya and the unborn child of Arjun both are perfectly fine. Arjun hears the sound of the heartbeat of his child through the ultrasound then Maya says that this is love as after the end of everything, there is still one thing which is keeping them together.

In the upcoming episode, you will see that Maya’s hand gets burn and Arjun takes care of that Saanjh gets upset when notices that and Maya’s mother Jahnvi shouts at Maya for getting close to Arjun. The upcoming episodes will be so entertaining, so stay tuned for the further updates.

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